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Angry Birds Transformers – Shockwave’s Spire

For about the past year, I’ve been playing the game Angry Birds Transformers. In it, there’s a sub-section of the game named ‘Shockwave’s Spire’ which is basically a card game where you gamble and have to pick one of four cards. Behind the cards are either rewards, in the form of game resources like coins, gems, Spark or tokens. Or Pigs, that want to steal your rewards.

If you get a pig, you have to either spend gems to keep going and keep your rewards, allow an advertisement video to play in order to negate the pig (you can only do this once) or give up and lose all of the rewards that you’ve ‘won’ up to that point. However, if you don’t want to give up, you can also buy (with real money) enough gems to keep going.

The amount of gems that you have to spend, increases with each Pig that you negate. It starts off low, at 10 gems and doubles each time you spend gems, until you reach 1,600 gems. From that point on, each negated Pig will cost 1,600 gems to keep going and keep your rewards.

Starting with the first floor and then every 5th floor, you will receive a bonus item and there are no Pigs on the Bonus floors, so no matter which card you pick, you will receive a bonus item.

The bonuses that you receive are in the form of character improvements, such as unlocked weapons or accessories for defense. If you already have various accessories/weapons, then the bonus items can be upgrades to make them more effective or stronger. The higher you make it in the Spire, the better the bonus items will be.

Recently, I went on an ‘epic’ Spire Run and reached the top floor (floor 90) and only had a single pig pop up on me (which I negated with a video ad). So I made it through all 90 floors and didn’t have to pay ANY gems for pigs.

Making it through all 90 floors will earn a player a TON of resources as well as a ‘legendary’ item such as a new Transformer character or, if you already have all of the Transformers, an upgrade to one of your existing Transformers, which is what I earned on the 90th floor in the video below.

Fortunately, I was recording the game on my tablet when I made my epic run up the spire. The full recording is several hours long because I was doing it while watching the Ken Burns documentary on Country Music, and I took my time (and was distracted by watching TV), so I’ve edited the video into multiple smaller videos that go 10 floors at a time. But I’ve also combined all of those smaller videos into one longer video so that if someone wants to watch it from floor 1 through floor 90, all in one video, they can.

This first video is the full Spire Run (edited to make it as short as possible so the music is a little disjointed at times), the individual 10 floor videos are below that:

The Full 90 Floor Shockwave’s Spire video:

Below are the individual videos, which go in increments of 10 floors each:

Floors 1 to 10:

Floors 11 to 20:

Floors 21 to 30:

Floors 31 to 40:

Floors 41 to 50:

Floors 51 to 60:

Floors 61 to 70:

Floors 71 to 80:

Floors 81 to 90:

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