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The Seymour AU-S6 6″ Diameter Iwan Auger

The Seymour AU-S6 6″ Diameter Iwan Auger


In 2017 a storm destroyed a large portion of my privacy fence. The fence was fairly old and in need of either complete demolition or replacement. Its initial function was to enclose an inground pool, but the pool had been filled in back in 2000 or 2001, so the fence really wasn’t needed any longer, so I decided to just get rid of the fence.

I did want to keep a small portion in the far back of my yard though, so I am going to build a new fence. In doing this though, I’ll need to dig several holes for the fence posts. Using a clamshell post hole digger would be difficult for me though, as I have a bad back. So I was going to rent a power auger from The Home Depot, this would cost about $75 or $80 per day.

Before renting the auger though, I decided to do a little searching and discovered the Seymour AU-S6 6″ Diameter Iwan Auger on Amazon.com for $66.50, and I purchased it. This is a manual auger that you twist manually in order to dig your hole. After a few twists, the auger fills with dirt so you lift it out of the hole and shake the dirt out and then repeat the process until your hole is to the depth that you need. In the video at the top of the page, you can see a demonstration of this process.

The Seymour AU-S6 6″ Diameter Iwan Auger is very easy to use and digs post holes very quickly and almost effortlessly.

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