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  2. Hi, i have wd my cloud but i want to upgrade to normal 4tb drive, there is possible way how to work? the original nas drive was broken. i'm newbe here.
  3. Thank you very much for your prompt reply. :) After 'dd if=/mnt/usb/mycloud2tb.img of=/dev/sda' my unit is inaccessible by SystemRescue, even after rebooting. Using 'gparted' gives a 'Libparted Error: Invalid argument during seek for read on /dev/sda'. Proceeding while ignoring the error only leads to gparted showing one unallocated partition (465.76Gib) on /dev/sda. So there is current no way I can try 'parted' and use the rest of the commands right away. You are right, I think it may have something to do with the incompatibility between the virgin image and my ssd. All images I can
  4. The issue could be the number of sectors that you enter (or don't enter). Are you using 9428992s when you get to that point in the process? That would be for a 4TB drive and could be the issue.
  5. Hey, Kevin, I praise for your efforts. I have been following your helpful instructions lately in trying replacing my old 4tb hdd in my Gen1 unit with a 500gb ssd. Overall, I did everything as far as instructed but the unit shows only "90MB Free". I have tried the following methods but to no avail: - Update Firmware (running firmware is v03.00.03-413 and the latest is v04.06.00-111): Error -- Device does not have enough space for upgrade. (370002) - Diagnostics Test, Reboot, Factory Restore (tried all 3 options: System Only, Quick Restore, Full Restore): Nothing works. - Dis
  6. For my full length reactions, visit https://www.patreon.com/31Mike Struggling public defender Jimmy McGill constructs an elaborate yet questionable plan for winning back a pair of wealthy potential clients. Episode 1:
  7. Outlander Season 6 Episode 1:
  8. It's been a while since I did it, so I'll go back and see if I can remember what I did and let you know.
  9. I would like to know how to calculate this number as well in case I would like to use say a 12TB drive. Is it just the very last sector on the drive?
  10. How to fix an LG WT1501CW Washing Machine with the IE (or 1E) Error Code flashing. There's two potential issues. 1. The inlet valves are clogged and need to be cleaned 2. The drain hose is too far into the drain pipe The issue for me was the inlet valves were clogged and needed cleaning.
  11. It's in the first post of this thread.
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    Outlander Season 5

    Can't find episode 4 of season 5
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