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  2. Air Date: 26 Nov. 2017 "Uncharted" After making a leap of faith, Claire washes up on a seemingly deserted island where survival is her only option. Navigating treacherous waters has crippled the Artemis, so Jamie devises a joyful moment for his crew in the midst of devastating setbacks. Part 1: Part 2:
  3. Air Date: 19 Nov. 2017 "Heaven and Earth" Claire races to discover the source of an epidemic aboard a disease-stricken ship before hundreds of sailors die. And as Jamie locks horns with Captain Raines, Fergus finds himself torn between loyalty and love. Part 1: Part 2:
  4. Air Date: 12 Nov. 2017 "The Doldrums" Claire and Jamie leave Scotland, sailing to the West Indies on an urgent quest. But when the superstitious crew looks for someone to blame after a string of bad luck, rescue comes from an unlikely source. Part 1: Part 2:
  5. To watch my full length reactions: https://www.patreon.com/31mike Air Date: June 19, 2016 "Battle of the Bastards" Jon and Sansa face Ramsay Bolton on the fields of Winterfell. Daenerys strikes back at her enemies. Theon and Yara arrive in Meereen. Part 1: Part 2:
  6. To watch the full length reaction: https://www.patreon.com/posts/53339077 "Madrigal" Walt and Jesse seek out an unlikely partner for a new business venture. The DEA follows up new leads in its investigation. Part 1: Part 2:
  7. Air Date: 12 Jun. 2016 "No One" Brienne arrives at Riverrun. Arya seeks shelter. Jaime meets with Edmure Tully. Cersei challenges the Faith. Sandor Clegane hunts for revenge. Tyrion faces the consequences of earlier decisions. Part 1: Part 2:
  8. Air Date: 15 Jul. 2012 "Live Free or Die" Now that Gus is dead, Walt, Jesse, and Mike work to cover their tracks. Skyler panics when Ted Beneke wakes up. Part 1: Part 2:
  9. Air Date 5 Jun. 2016 "The Broken Man" Jon and Sansa gather troops. Jaime arrives at Riverrun. Olenna Tyrell plans to leave King's Landing. Theon and Yara plan a destination. Arya makes plans to leave. 10 Minute Intro: While editing the reaction for Season 6 Episode 7, I realized that I spoke in the intro for about 10 minutes and I know that there's people who don't want 10 minutes worth of intro, so I cut that down to 3 or 4 minutes. But for those that want to see the full intro, here it is by itself. Part 1: Part 2:
  10. This is a recording that was made while I was going through U.S. Army Basic Training in the summer of 1988. I'm uploading this to Vimeo and posting it here because the original soundtrack causes it to be blocked on YouTube. A few of my fellow Basic Trainees have found this video on YouTube, with its altered soundtrack, so I wanted to make the full original recording available to them (and anyone else who may be interested). I can be seen in it in a few places, I'll add some times where I show up, once I re-watch it and find myself. If any of my fellow 'old soldiers' find thi
  11. Air Date: 9 Oct. 2011 "Face Off" Jesse is brought to the FBI for questioning on his knowledge of ricin. In a last effort to kill Gus, Walt must ask for help from an old enemy. Part 1: Part 2:
  12. Air Date: 5 Nov 2017 "First Wife" Claire returns to Lallybroch with Jamie, where she does not receive quite the reception she was expecting; the choices Jamie made during their time apart comes back to haunt them. Part 1: Part 2:
  13. Air Date: 29 May 2016 "Blood of My Blood" Bran and Meera find a new ally. Gilly meets Sam's family. Arya makes a difficult choice. The Lannisters and Tyrells march against the High Sparrow. Part 1: Part 2:
  14. Air Date: 2 Oct. 2011 "End Times" The DEA is putting Hank and his family in protective custody; however, Walt refuses and awaits his fate in his house. Meanwhile, Brock has fallen terribly ill and Jesse suspects Walt may be behind it. Part 1: Part 2:
  15. To watch the full length reaction: https://www.patreon.com/posts/52228270 Air Date: 29 Oct. 2017 "Crème de Menthe" In the aftermath of a violent confrontation, Claire follows her conscience as a surgeon, even though it could put her and Jamie's lives at risk. At the same time, Jamie attempts to evade the reach of the Crown as its representative closes in on his illegal dealings. Part 1: Part 2:
  16. 22 May 2016 "The Door" Sansa and Jon make plans. Arya is given another chance to prove herself. Jorah confesses a secret to Daenerys. Tyrion meets with a red priestess. Yara finds her rule tested. Bran discovers the origin of the White Walkers. Part 1: Part 2:
  17. To watch the full length reaction: https://www.patreon.com/posts/51933909 "A. Malcolm" After decades apart, Jamie and Claire finally reunite and rekindle their emotional and physical bonds. But Jamie's new business dealings jeopardize the couples' hopes for a simple life together.
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  19. Air Date: 25 Sep. 2011 "Crawl Space" Hank asks Walt to drive him to the laundry where the meth lab is hidden. Ted still won't pay the IRS so Skyler asks Saul for help, and Saul sends in his A-Team. Gus and Jesse return from Mexico, and Walt fears he is in trouble with Gus. Part 1: Part 2:
  20. Air Date: 15 May 2016 "Book of the Stranger" Sansa arrives at Castle Black. Tyrion makes a deal with the slave masters. Jorah and Daario sneak into Vaes Dothrak. Ramsay sends a letter to Jon. Theon arrives at Pyke. Cersei and Olenna Tyrell plot against the High Sparrow.
  21. Air Date: 8 May 2016 "Oathbreaker" Daenerys arrives at Vaes Dothrak. Sam and Gilly sail for Horn Hill. Arya trains as No One. Varys finds information on the Sons of the Harpy. Ramsay receives a gift. Tommen meets with the High Sparrow. At Castle Black, a miracle occurs. Part 1: Part 2:
  22. Air Date: 1 May 2016 "Home" Bran trains with the Three-Eyed Raven. Tommen meets with Cersei. Tyrion makes a bold move. Theon leaves while at Pyke new issues arise. Ramsay's brother is born. Davos asks Melisandre for a miracle. Part 1: Part 2:
  23. Air Date: 18 Sep. 2011 "Salud" Jesse, Gus, and Mike fly down to Mexico, and Jesse cooks the blue meth for the cartel. Walt misses his son's 16th birthday after his fight with Jesse. Spoilers:
  24. Air Date: 11 Sep. 2011 "Bug" While Walt tries to subvert Hank's probe into the Albuquerque meth scene, a deadly warning forces Gus to consider a deal with the cartel. Spoilers:
  25. Air Date: 1 Oct. 2017 "Of Lost Things" While serving as groomsman at the aristocratic estate of Helwater, Jamie is reluctantly pulled into the intrigue of a noble British family. In 1968 Scotland, Claire, Brianna and Roger struggle to trace Jamie's whereabouts in history, leaving Claire to wonder if they will ever find him again. To watch the full length reaction video: https://www.patreon.com/posts/51238547 Spoilers:
  26. Air Date: 4 Sep. 2011 "Hermanos" When Hank produces evidence that Gus is Albuquerque's crystal meth kingpin, Walt worries that he and Jesse will be killed to protect their boss. Part 1: Part 2: Spoilers: In flashback, Gus visits Hector (a.k.a. Tio, Tuco's uncle) in a nursing home and informs him of the death of his nephews after their attempt to kill Hank. In the present, Gus is questioned by Hank, the DEA, and the APD, but convinces everyone except Hank that he is innocent. Still believing Gus is a drug kingpin, Hank enlists Walt
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